Why Do We Watch Awards Shows?

It is that time of year again, and awards season is among us. This has always been a perennial question for me. How have awards shows such as the Oscars, Emmy’s, and Golden Globes been able to maintain their popularity?
Bradley Cooper Taking a Selfie at the Oscars

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For televised events, I can’t imagine what could be less entertaining than an awards show. I will admit that the opening monologue given by the host usually has some comedic value. However, from that point forward is an endless stream of famous people giving a cliche acceptance speech. Undoubtedly you’ll hear them thanking God, the Academy, and their parents. Yet, according to ABC the Emmy’s drew 11.3 million viewers in 2016. This is a number that was shocking to me.

Are We Embracing Conceit?

Another perplexing aspect of the award show is the social and economic inequality. Celebrities generally earn much more money than the average person. I would venture to say their work as musicians or actors is much less taxing than a typical 9-to-5 job. Not to mention all the social benefits they enjoy because of their fame. Typically if a person has been graced with a significantly more desirable lifestyle that you, it would be understandable to feel envy. However, the awards show seem to be the exception. The awards show creates a place for celebrities to assemble so the common person can admire them. Rather than be envious, we seem to further embrace their padded lifestyles. So why do people choose to tune in and watch privileged people flaunt their lifestyle? Let me know what you think allows this phenomenon to happen in the comments section below.


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