A Cleveland Neighborhood Hiding in Plain Sight

A Thriving Flats Community

The west bank of the Flats neighborhood in Cleveland is home to many bars, nightclubs, businesses, apartments, and much more. Stop by the Flats on any given Friday or Saturday night and you will find no shortage of people celebrating the weekend.

What most people don’t know is there is a thriving homeless community hiding in plain sight. Just under the Detroit Road bridge, in the affluent west bank neighborhood, is the entrance to a grown over concrete path. The path leads you parallel to the Cuyahoga river and is bordered by a thin strip of wooded area on both sides. Stopping to look around at any point you can see you are still in the heart of a major US city. The small strip of woods seems somewhat out-of-place. Peer into the trees and you see a myriad of tents and shelters that have been established in the small wooded area. Below you will find an embedded map of the entrance location.

A Friendly Bunch

Most people probably think of homeless people in a negative light. I have found this community to be the opposite. When I first stumbled across this area I admit that I was concerned about my safety. However, after talking to a few individuals who call this place home, I found that everyone I have interacted with was very friendly. There is a definite sense of community among the members. It is a surprisingly positive place. I recommend walking through for an experience you won’t forget.

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